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CHANYI 12 Bamboo Hair Combs - 100% Compostable Plant-Based Bamboo-Fiber Composite, Durable, Anti-Static & Heat Resistant, For All Hair Types, Plastic & BPA Free - 12 Individually Packaged Combs

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bamboo fiber hair comb anti-static smooth green plastic-free natural bpa-free eco-friendly compostable sustainable recyclable travel hotel combs health 12pack - CHANYI eco

CHANYI Bamboo Combs - Pack Of 12 Combs

Let’s Get Back To Basics With Natural Bamboo And Reduce Our Plastic Footprint With CHANYI Premium Bamboo Combs.


  • Plastic Free & Soil-friendly
  • Made with a 100% Plant-Based Bamboo Composite Material
  • Ultra-fine bamboo fiber with a smooth finish
  • Can be Incinerated Without Releasing Toxic Chemicals
  • Medium-spaced Teeth to Detangle All Hair Types
  • Fully Recyclable Cardboard Packaging
  • Anti-static & Heat Resistant


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CHANYI bamboo fiber products take a holistic approach to product life cycles from manufacturing, to usage and disposal.


Chanyi Bamboo comb handle Bamboo Composite

Bamboo Composite

The ergonomic comb is made of a 100% plant-based composite with ultra-fine bamboo fiber.
This durable material is locally-sourced, never splinters, and has a very smooth finish.




Chanyi Bamboo comb Versatile Bristles

Versatile Bristles

The durable & seamless bristle design with medium-spaced teeth easily detangles any hair type and is also suitable for teasing hair to create more volume.
The brush is BPA-free (Bisphenol A) and can withstand temperatures up to 212°F (100°C), allowing it to be used during styling and blow-drying.



Chanyi bamboo comb 100% Recyclable.jpg

100% Recyclable Packaging

All CHANYI combs come individually packed in compact & recyclable cardboard boxes.
This makes them easy and hygienic to gift to your loved ones or bring during travel.




Chanyi Bamboo Sustainable Production

Sustainable Production

Bamboo is the fastest-growing plant on earth, which makes a quick harvest and speedy regrowth possible.

CHANYI bamboo fibers are made using a dry-processing method that ensures no harmful chemicals are needed in production.
The final plant-based composite material can be incinerated without releasing any toxins.