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Our Mission

Our Mission


CHANYI was founded with the ambition to develop environmentally-friendly products using natural materials. After years of research, we have developed our own fully plant-based bamboo-composite range of products.

We hope to reduce the plastic footprint of everyday items by providing durable, biodegradable alternatives. Our premium quality bamboo products are designed around holistic product-life principles.



A pure, natural and endless earth


✔ 100% Made in Taiwan
✔ 100% Material R&D in Taiwan, made with natural bamboo fiber raw materials
✔ 100% Plastic Free, PLA Free
✔ 100% International Certification Standards
✔ 100% Biodegradable & Compostable in natural environmental
✔ 100% Combustible,combustion does not release toxic substances
Welcome To CHANYI Technology A Pure Natural And Endless Earth