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Concept Behind Logo


In the center of the logo is bamboo, which is also the core of our operations.
The outer circle symbolizes the earth.
Bamboo comes from the soil and will finally return to the earth. A representation of the endless cycle of life, with a mind that cherishes mother earth.

CHANYI Corporate Philosophy

Do Different

We insist on producing natural products while striving to develop better materials.

CHANYI Beginning

Humble Beginnings as an Injection and OEM Plant

CHANYI TECHNOLOGY is a subsidiary of CHANGLN PLASTIC CO., single handedly founded by Mr. Chi-Chen, Wu.
Since 1982, we have been an OEM provider of various services in the plastic industry, these include plastic precision painting, plastic printing, and processing.
We have provided our services to many renowned international brands over the years, such as Motorola, BenQ Mobile, Canon, Pentax, Blaupunkt and Philips.

After the first generation of management has overseen OEM plastic production for more than 40 years, the second generation joined the business in 2014, and established Chanyi Technology in the subsequent years.

The second generation of management was very passionate about nature and the environment, especially diving.
Relaxing and enjoying the sights of coral reefs and tropical maritime life, and occasionally stumbling upon sea turtles and swimming with them, was one of the most important pastimes they enjoyed.

However, during a meal outside one day, a startling news clip with a straw sticking out of a sea turtle’s nostril changed everything.
The news clip was not only devastating to us, as we enjoyed and cherished the maritime creatures and environment.
We immediately asked ourselves: “What happened to all the plastic that we used to produce? How did it end up in the ocean like that?”

Which is why we decided to make a difference.

We combined the technical know-how of our forefathers with our environmentally minded ideas, culminating in the successful development of bamboo-based composite materials.

Reasons to choose CHANYI

Nature Fiber

Plastic-Free PLA Free

Good to People

Green Products


Good to the World