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Eco Friendly

Eco Friendly


Plastic has caused great harm to humans, the ocean, and the wild environment. The only way to permanently eliminate plastic waste is to burn or melt it.

However, the generation of toxic gas is a big problem, and the burning speed is not as fast as the production speed.

There are also more and more countries that have taken actions to restrict or ban plastics.
The world is also looking for alternatives.

CHANYI help our earth

    In September 2017, the British Guardian published that scientists from more than ten countries around the world took samples from tap water and found that more than 80% of the samples were contains plastic particles.

    Plastic particles can attach chemicals and pathogens to enter the body's organs. Scientists are studying,t
he impact of plastic particles on the human body.

    We cannot confirm the main source of the increasing severity of plastic particles. We are concerned that the plastic particles are hidden in so-called "plastic reduction products."

    Therefore, the research and development process insists on not using any plastic components, whether it is general plastic or green plastic, it will not work at all!

    For us, the investment over the years without adding plastic at all will have no meaning for persistence.


CHANYI Eco Friendly


  Starting from natural decomposable bamboo fiber products, we are committed to changing the world's disposable products.

  We are determined to develop the most environmentally friendly materials in the world. After many efforts, we finally succeeded in creating pure natural bamboo fiber that can be decomposed in the natural environment.

  We hope to create an earth that sustains circular life.