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About Bamboo

About Bamboo

CHANYI Bamboo Strong


Bamboo, is a very strong plant with extremely high tensile strength, with also being one of the fastest growers of the plant world.

There are currently about 1,200 species of bamboo plants cataloged around the world, mainly found in tropical and subtropical regions. Though a small number of bamboo species are also found in temperate and colder climates, further proving the plant's resilience. Southeast Asia, with its abundance of rainfall and stable climate, provides an ideal ecological environment for bamboo growth and has become the center of bamboo distribution around the world.

CHANYI Small Bamboo (7-1)



After roughly three to four years of growth, the bamboo plant becomes fully mature and begins to age, which is usually considered the best time for harvest. Therefore, the timely felling of bamboo plants during this period is also beneficial for the natural cycle.



CHANYI Small Bamboo (3-1)

The first year of planting bamboo is very dull, with no visible growth, even if one waters the plant very carefully, often leading to disappointment.

The second year is not much different to the first. In the third year, one might begin to see a small bud growing.

Until the fourth year, the bamboo will only have grown a short 3 centimeters, perhaps something incomprehensible to those who have prior experience with plants?

However, from the fifth year onwards, the bamboo can grow rapidly upward at an astonishing rate of 30 centimeters a day, reaching a height of 15 meters after 6 weeks.

To some, the amazing changes that took place in these 6 weeks could almost be seen as something that happened overnight?


CHANYI Bamboo Panda


In fact, in the first four years, the bamboo plant’s roots had already extended in the soil for hundreds of square meters.

So, have you been able to get past the first three centimeters of the bamboo’s growth?