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CHANYI 100 Zero Obstacle Bamboo Golf Tees 2-3/4 inch - Durable & Compostable, 100% Plant-Based Bamboo Composite, Sustainable Material, Reduces Friction & Side Spin, Extra Stable - Pack of 100

CHANYI bamboo golf tees Banner

STABLE  BALANCED - Zero Obstacle 234 inch 70 mm bamboo composite golf tees PGA professionals adhere USGA regulations strong tees far more durable tandard wooden golf tees allowing drives per tee

CHANYI Golf Tees - Pack of 100 Tees

Let’s get back to basics with natural bamboo and reduce our plastic footprint with CHANYI premium bamboo golf tees.


  • Plastic Free & Soil-friendly
  • Made with a 100% Plant-Based Bamboo Composite Material
  • Ultra-fine bamboo fiber with a smooth finish
  • Can be Incinerated Without Releasing Toxic Chemicals
  • Increased Durability for More Drives per Tees
  • Fully Recyclable Cardboard Packaging
  • Smaller surface area for consistent, high-precision shots and reduced slice



CHANYI Golf Tee bamboo product process
CHANYI bamboo fiber products take a holistic approach to product life cycles from manufacturing, to usage and disposal.


Chanyi Bamboo golf tee Bamboo Composite

Bamboo Composite

CHANYI golf tees are made of a 100% plant-based composite with ultra-fine bamboo fiber. This durable material is locally-sourced, never splinters, and has a very smooth finish.

This ensures a product that is more durable and smoother than chemically-treated bamboo, and has a homogenous structure which helps with shot consistency.




Chanyi Bamboo golf tee Stable Reduced Friction

Stable & Reduced Friction

Zero Obstacle 2-3/4 Inch bamboo-composite golf tees are used by PGA professionals and adhere to USGA regulations;

The strong tees are much more durable than standard wooden golf tees, which allows for more drives per tee.

Less surface area between the ball and tee makes it possible to execute precise shots with a long drive while reducing slice.




CHANYI bamboo golf tees consist of a 100 plant-based composite made of dry-processed bamboo fibers durable than raw bamboo never splinters fastest growing plant ideal for sustainable regrowth 54mm

100% Recyclable

CHANYI’s holistic design process ensures the golf tees are made without lacquer or paint coating for a smooth finish that won’t scratch or stain your driver club.

Both cardboard packaging & tees are 100% plant-based and recyclable, eliminating unnecessary microplastics.




Chanyi Bamboo Sustainable Production

Sustainable Production

Bamboo is the fastest-growing plant on earth, which makes a quick harvest and speedy regrowth possible.

CHANYI bamboo fibers are made using a dry-processing method that ensures no harmful chemicals are needed in production.

The final plant-based composite material can be incinerated without releasing any toxins.